Doing business with CRC

CRC offers opportunities for engagement with academia and industry. CRC also provides access to its portfolio of intellectual property of patents and copyrighted software on a fee and royalty basis, or on a free open-source basis, depending on the technology.

R&D collaboration

CRC collaborates on R&D projects with both universities and industry. The goal of the collaborations are for CRC to work with others to advance research in our key focus areas, namely the efficient use of spectrum, next-generation wireless networks, the application of wireless technology to government policy development, and communications for defence and public safety. As well, we are always evaluating areas for knowledge development via collaborations with leading wireless R&D labs and institutes.

The following are examples of the types of collaborations CRC has undertaken.

CRC has collaborated with universities to:

  • Advance the development of cognitive radio networking capabilities and applications;
  • Conduct a joint project on network protocols for mobile ad hoc networks; and
  • Undertake an investigation of advanced design techniques for reflect-array antennas.

CRC has collaborated with industry partners and R&D labs to:

  • Optimize smartphone antennas;
  • Develop Wi-Fi cognitive radio networks for rural environments;
  • Enhance spectrum monitoring for CRC's Spectrum Explorer® licensed software;
  • Advance printed electronics; and
  • Evaluate and test LTE commercial technology.

Access to CRC technology

CRC holds a number of Canadian and U.S. patents that are available for license. A search on the subject of interest, on the database of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office or that of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, will show the patents currently available from the CRC.

Business development contacts

For collaboration and/or access to CRC technology, please contact CRC's Office of Business Development.

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