FAQ - Self-serve user

I would like to order a Nuans report

If you wish to order a report for either Canada (federal jurisdiction) or the Northwest Territories, you may order a report yourself or find a Nuans member that will order the report for you.

Please note that the report you order yourself can only be used with Corporations Canada or Corporate registries of the Northwest Territories.

For more information about incorporation in Canadian provinces or territories, consult innovation.canada.ca.

Can I incorporate provincially with a Canada (Federal) report?

No. You must submit the appropriate report according to the province or territory where you will incorporate.

Why did I get an “Exact match warning” message?

This message alerts you when an exact match to your proposed name was found. You must determine whether you want to

continue the process to order the reservation report or not.  You may wish to consider a different name.

Will my name be available if the search identifies a confusing inactive business?

Each name granting jurisdiction (federal, provincial and territorial) has different guidelines and views on what constitutes a confusingly similar name. You may wish to contact the authority in which you are applying.

What does the status ``Prop.CANADA`` or ``Prop.XXXX`` on my report mean?

This status indicates that the proposed name was submitted to the Nuans database. The acronym following <Prop.> identifies which Nuans member has proposed the name.

Reservation reports ordered through the self-serve application www.nuans.com are identified as Prop.CANADA.

Why does Nuans recommend not to input my legal element in my search?

You will choose the legal element of your corporate name when you submit your application to the responsible authority in which you are applying.

When will my name be approved?

Once you have submitted your report to the responsible authority in which you are applying, they will review the report and make a decision on your proposed name based on their service standards.

How can I change the distinctive term on my reservation report?

You must order another report and identify the correct distinctive term.

How do I renew my reservation report?

A reservation report cannot be renewed.  Reports are valid for 90 days.  Jurisdictions require a valid report to process a request. If your report has expired, you will need to order and pay for another report to submit your request.

I am a frequent Nuans self-serve user, how can I become a Nuans member?

Please contact the Nuans service desk
Phone: 1-888-816-8267 (1-888-81NUANS)
Email:  info@nuans.com

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