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Agreement on Internal Trade
  • Video explaining why removing the barriers to internal trade is important
No endorsement of any products or services is expressed or implied.
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Economic Action Plan 2015 announced the creation a new Internal Trade Promotion Office

The Office will engage with provinces and territories, businesses, workers, consumers and academia to explore opportunities to address internal trade barriers. Learn more about EAP 2015.

Modernizing internal trade in Canada:
What's in it for you?

Fewer costs and greater growth

Harmonized rules and regulations across Canada would reduce administrative costs for your business. We may be one country, but our current rules prevent us from truly having one national economy.

For example, provinces and territories have different registration and reporting requirements. Right now, expanding your business could mean a significant increase in paperwork.

At the same time, consumer demand for local Canadian products is on the rise. In fact, 78 percent of Canadians believe the interprovincial barriers that prevent the direct sale of wine to consumers are unreasonable.

If your business had easy access to the larger Canadian market, you would have more opportunity to grow and flourish across the country.

  • Corporate registration
  • Plumbing and heating standards
  • Procurement
  • Trucking regulations

Each red button offers an
example of red tape that
could be holding your
business back!

 Corporate registration

Provinces and territories have different registration and reporting requirements. This means more paperwork.

 Plumbing and heating standards

Region-specific energy efficiency requirements can lead to increased production and certification costs.


Local preference policies can disadvantage out-of-province companies from winning bids for government contracts. This means less opportunity.

 Trucking regulations

Some regulations for trucking weights and dimensions are not harmonized among provinces. This means that companies transporting goods across Canada also require permits from every province or territory through which they travel.

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