Agreement on Internal Trade—For Workers

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Agreement on Internal Trade
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No endorsement of any products or services is expressed or implied.
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Economic Action Plan 2015 announced the creation a new Internal Trade Promotion Office

The Office will engage with provinces and territories, businesses, workers, consumers and academia to explore opportunities to address internal trade barriers. Learn more about EAP 2015.

Modernizing internal trade in Canada:
What's in it for you?

Greater Opportunities

Internal trade barriers don't just affect goods and businesses; they can also make it difficult to move easily from one province to another in pursuit of a job.

For example, if you are an apprentice looking to find work in another part of Canada, you might run into trouble because of varying requirements for training programs. Harmonized training programs would give you access to a wider variety of jobs all across the country.

And if you are a working professional, your credentials might not be recognized or treated the same across the country. For example, dental hygienists can't give injections in every province—different rules for the same job!

Modern internal trade rules should allow you to move freely across domestic borders to pursue career opportunities and find fulfilling jobs anywhere in Canada.

  • Same Job. Different Rules. - Your skills are in demand, but the job is only open to local talent. Find out why.
  • Insurance adjusters
  • Apprentices
  • Dental hygienists
Each province has its own provincial insurance act. Insurance adjusters are certified by each province according to that act, making it difficult for them to do the same job in another province.
Regulations governing apprenticeships in the skilled trades vary from region to region making job mobility difficult.
Due to varying provincial rules and regulations, dental hygienists are not allowed to give injections in some provinces but are allowed to do so in others.

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Other Actions for Skilled Workers

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