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Protein Industries Supercluster

From Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Based in the Prairies, the Protein Industries Supercluster will use plant genomics and novel processing technology to increase the value of key Canadian crops, such as canola, wheat and pulses that are coveted in high-growth foreign markets, such as China and India, as well as to satisfy growing markets in North America and Europe for plant-based meat alternatives and new food products. Building on Canada's worldwide reputation as a leader in agricultural production, this supercluster will make Canada a leading source for plant proteins and, ultimately, feed the world.

Regional concentration: Prairie provinces

Technology focus: Agri-food enabling technologies, including genomics, processing, and information technology (IT)

Expected economic impact

Expected economic impact
GDP impact over 10 years (in billions) Job creation over 10 years
More than $4.5 billion More than 4,500 jobs

Sample activities

Technology leadership
Undertaking collaborative technology projects for the creation of high-quality germplasm, smart production, novel process technology and product development
Partnerships for scale
Undertaking activities to provide businesses with expertise on financing and capitalization and linking start-ups with strategic partners to scale
Diverse and skilled talent pools
Undertaking projects that target leadership opportunities for women and underrepresented groups, as well as certification programs for digital skills to promote wide-scale adoption of data analytics and artificial intelligence for improved nutrient and crop management
Access to innovation
Undertaking activities to support data sharing and value-chain development for plant-based proteins
Global advantage
Undertaking international trade missions and market research, and developing a venture capital fund to seize global market opportunities and attract international investment and partnerships

Participants (at application phase)

More than 100, including:

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