Testing Stream

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Our new Testing Stream (formerly the Build in Canada Innovation Program) allows us to buy and test your pre-commercial goods and services in a real-life setting.

We leverage our government partnerships to test your innovation and provide you with valuable feedback before you launch your innovation into the marketplace.

We recently launched a call for prototypes to help combat COVID-19 (now closed).

Future calls for proposals may be open to all innovations or may be aligned to specific themes.

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Eligible participants in the testing stream

Any private company, public company, not-for-profit organization, university, or individual can submit a proposal.

Specifically, you or your organization must:

Active funding opportunities

When we launch a new competition, you will find it listed on our homepage under the current funding opportunities section.

Receiving funding

Competing in our Calls for Proposals, passing our evaluations, and qualifying in our pool of innovations does not guarantee funding.

Receiving funding for your test depends on a variety of factors, such as:

Innovators qualified for the pool

If you're already in receipt of communication from our program indicating your innovation has (1) passed the evaluation, and (2) is eligible to be tested through our program, please:

If you have questions about our Testing Stream, contact us.

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