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Phase 1 award recipients

Department Challenge Innovator City, Province or Territory Awarded amount
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Efficient Soil Sampling Techniques Enns Brothers Ltd Oak Bluff, Manitoba $166,667.84Footnote *
Sirati and Partners Consultants Ltd King City, Ontario $160,139.00Footnote *
Plastics Challenge — Improved Compostability of Bioplastics EcoEnviro Labs Inc. Beaverton, Ontario $150,000
Titan Clean Energy Projects Corp. Craik, Saskatchewan $150,000
Scaling Down Precision Agriculture Expert Systems Saskatoon, Saskatchewan $150,000
Troo Corporation Ottawa, Ontario $150,000
Canada Border Services Agency Portable Package Auto Sampler 2597353 Ontario Inc Waterloo, Ontario $49,693.13Footnote *
Thorntech Inc Thornhill, Ontario $142,717.21Footnote *
Postal Small Packet and Package Inspection Thorntech Inc Thornhill, Ontario $144,419.56Footnote *
Canadian Space Agency Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics for Advanced Autonomous Space Systems Coanda Research and Development Corporation Burnaby, British Colombia $97,803.79Footnote *
Effigis Geo-Solutions Montreal, Quebec $126,668.89Footnote *
Global Spatial Technology Solutions Inc Ottawa, Ontario $146,375.00Footnote *
H2O Geomatics Inc. Waterloo, Ontario $145,881.88Footnote *
SkyWatch Space Applications Inc. Waterloo, Ontario $138,510.40Footnote *
Correctional Services of Canada Detection System For Wireless Communication Applied Mind Inc. Ottawa, Ontario $127,919.52Footnote *
Detection & Interdictions Solutions Corp. Vancouver, British Columbia $149,709.00Footnote *
Life Sign Monitoring System AEROSYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL INC. Saint-Laurent, Quebec $149,960.00Footnote *
Spectronix Inc Gatineau, Quebec $149,985.00Footnote *
Preventing contraband delivery via Air and Ground Drone Vision International Lévis, Quebec $149,965.79Footnote *
9374-0587 Québec Inc Sherbrooke, Quebec $150,000.00Footnote *
Department of National Defence Advanced Coatings and Materials for Personal Protective Ensembles PRE Labs Inc. Kelowna, British Columbia $150,000Footnote *
Applied Quatum Materiels Inc. St. Albert, Alberta $150,000Footnote *
Plasmagear Inc. Montreal, Quebec $150,000Footnote *
Everbond Interface Technologies Waterloo, Ontario $150,000Footnote *
Biosa Technologies Limited Markham, Ontario $150,000Footnote *
Advanced Decision Support for First Responder Command and Control Chaac Technologies Inc Montreal, Quebec $198,310.00Footnote *
Lightship Works Inc Kamloops, British Colombia $195,619.51Footnote *
SensorUp Inc Calgary, Alberta $198,510.86Footnote *
Additive Manufacturing for High Performance Systems Dyze Design Montreal, Quebec $199,917.00Footnote *
Nanogrande Inc Montreal, Quebec $199,420.00Footnote *
Head Up Hands Free Fire Fighting BI Expertise Inc Quebec City, Quebec $191,191.57Footnote *
HumanSystems Incorporated Guelph, Ontario $199,957.00Footnote *
Longan Vision Corp Hamilton, Ontario $191,296.26Footnote *
Xtract Technologies Inc Vancouver, British Colombia $149,730.00Footnote *
Logistics and Resource Management of Emergency Response Assets 8779074 CANADA CORPORATION Waterloo, Ontario $199,996.09Footnote *
Eracts (Eugene Rozumovich & Associates) Inc Toronto, Ontario $222,618.98Footnote *
Momentaj Inc Richmond Hill, Ontario $199,120.00Footnote *
Tacteris Systems Inc Calgary, Alberta $198,495.47Footnote *
Night Vision Ergonomics Enhancement Brash Product Development Inc Ottawa, Ontario $148,950.00Footnote *
Platform Corrosion Detection and Prevention Advanced Opto-Mechanical Systems and Technologies Inc Mississauga, Ontario $199,940.00Footnote *
Graphene Leaders Canada Inc Edmonton, Alberta $199,532.16Footnote *
Maxwellian Inc Montreal, Quebec $199,990.00Footnote *
Kraken Robotic Systems Inc St. John’s, Newfoundland $165,600.00Footnote *
Robust "Beyond Line of Sight" (BLOS) Communications in Satellite-Denied Environments TransEON Inc. Edmonton, Alberta $149,000Footnote *
Space Strategies Consulting Kanata, Ontario $150,000Footnote *
Columbiad Launch Services Inc. Kitchener, Ontario $150,000Footnote *
Environment and Climate Change Canada Plastics Challenge — Food Packaging Copol International Ltd. North Sydney, Nova Scotia $150,000
Axipolymer Inc. Saint Leonard, Quebec $150,000
Plastics Challenge — Separation of Mixed Plastics Xtract Technologies Inc. Vancouver, British Columbia $149,800
Sweet Gazoil Inc. Montreal, Quebec $150,000
Plastics Challenge — Construction Waste GreenMantra Recycling Technologies Ltd. Brantford, Ontario $150,000
MgO Systems Calgary, Alberta $112,500
Fisheries and Oceans Canada Plastics Challenge — Sustainable Fishing and Aquaculture Gear Ashored Inc. Debert, Nova Scotia $102,000
Goodwood Plastics Products Ltd. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia $103,000
Ocean Legacy Technologies Inc. Delta, British Columbia $150,000
Plantee Bioplastics Inc. Vancouver, British Columbia $138,000
Plastics Challenge — Remove and Manage Ghost Fishing Gear and Marine Debris Shift Environmental Technologies Ltd. Nanaimo, British Columbia $95,000
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Connected Vehicle and Engineered Surfaces CEM Works Inc. Winnipeg, Manitoba $149,000
mmSense Technologies Inc. Waterloo, Ontario $150,000
Engineered Surfaces GGI Inc. Lachine, Quebec $150,000
Formi 3DP Inc. London, Ontario $150,000
Tracing the Steel Industry Supply Chain Mavennet Systems Inc Toronto, Ontario $149,935.50Footnote *
PEER LEDGER INC Halifax, Nova Scotia $147,540.00Footnote *
National Research Council Composite Material Manufacturing Simulation Software Convergent Manufacturing Technologies Inc Vancouver, British Columbia $149,905.52Footnote *
Electroencephalography (EEG) and Vital signs integrated existing virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) headsets Interaxon Toronto, Ontario $141,000
Myant Inc. Toronto, Ontario $150,000
Haptic System Exonetik Inc. Sherbrooke, Quebec $149,820
Smarter Alloys Inc. Waterloo, Ontario $150,000
Haply Robotics Inc. Montreal, Quebec $150,000
Improving Robot-Environment Interactions Exonetik Inc Sherbrooke, Quebec $149,975.00Footnote *
Vectis Drive Inc Montreal, Quebec $149,965.00Footnote *
Measurement of Cold Spray Telops Inc. Quebec City, Quebec $143,767Footnote *
Mouldings of High Performance Composites Materials NP Aerospace (Canada) Inc Burlington, Ontario $132,841.06Footnote *
3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Metal Powder Bed Density Test Equipment Les Industries Sautech Inc. Lorraine, Quebec $135,041Footnote *
B3D Performance Inc. St. Hubert, Quebec $150,000Footnote *
Envisioning Labs Inc. Vancouver, British Columbia $150,000Footnote *
Natural Resources Canada Plastics Challenge — Improved Compostability of Bioplastics Bosk Bioproducts Inc. Quebec City, Quebec $150,000
GCUP — Technology Corp. Vancouver, British Columbia $150,000
Public Health Agency of Canada Earth Observation Images Processing and Management System Hatfield Consultants Ltd North Vancouver, British Colombia $149,893.00Footnote *
3D Planeta Inc Fredericton, New Brunswick $151,329.65Footnote *
Innovative Platform to Facilitate Evidence-informed Decision-making Evenset Inc Toronto, Ontario $127,442.79Footnote *
IMRSV Data Labs Inc Ottawa, Ontario $110,746.75Footnote *
Lixar I.T Inc Ottawa, Ontario $150,000.00Footnote *
Mikata Health Inc Calgary, Alberta $92,278.92Footnote *
Public Services and Procurement Canada Coal Mine Tailings Pond BGC Engineering Inc Vancouver, British Colombia $149,937.75Footnote *
Econse Water Purification Systems Inc Scarborough, Ontario $123,965.84Footnote *
Terra CO2 Technologies Inc Vancouver, British Colombia $122,748.19Footnote *
Shared Services Canada Improving the Internet Connectivity of Canadians in Remote Locations Advanced Interactive Canada Inc Burnaby, British Colombia $149,922.63Footnote *
Green PI Inc Caledon East, Ontario $169,500.00Footnote *
Transport Canada Enhancing Pedestrian and Cycling Road Safety Brisk Synergies Tech Corp Waterloo, Ontario $144,000.00
Labforge Inc Waterloo, Ontario $150,000.00
Recycling of Glass Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Jeosal Materials Research Corp Kingston, Ontario $118,625.00
KWI Kunstsoffwerk Industries Inc Boisbriand, Quebec $150,000.00
Pyrogenesis Canada Inc Montreal, Quebec $150,000.00

Phase 2 award recipients

Department Challenge Innovator City, Province or Territory Awarded amount
Environment and Climate Change Canada Plastics Challenge – Food Packaging Axipolymer Montreal, Quebec $1M
Plastics Challenge – Construction Waste GreenMantra Technologies Brantford, Ontario $1M
MgO Systems Calgary, Alberta $1M
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Connected Vehicle and Engineered Surfaces CEM Works Inc. Winnipeg, Manitoba $995,000
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