Respectful Workplaces

Respectful Workplaces

Not Myself Today Campaign at ISED

Photo of promotional buttons from the 'Not Myself Today' campaign featuring words describing various human emotions.

In May 2016, ISED launched Not Myself Today 2016, a campaign that engages workplaces across Canada to promote mental health reduce stigma around mental illness and help build psychosocially safe work environments.

Led by Partners for Mental Health, the campaign is based on a shared insight—the feeling of not being oneself—that connects people to the topic of mental health and helps build empathy for those who may be facing challenges.

Mental Health Speakers and Events

Photo of ISED employees attending the departmental Healthy Workplace Fair

With the support of our departmental mental health champion, ISED employees have been exposed to insightful and creative solutions to help them foster a healthy and respectful workplace. Over the last year, ISED employees were given various opportunities to increase their awareness and knowledge of mental health issues in the workplace, including more than 50 in-person events such as discussion groups with mental health advocates and workshops on mental health first aid.

Photo of ISED employees visiting the kiosks at the departmental Healthy Workplace Fair

Over 300 ISED employees also participated in the Department's health fair. This was an opportunity to meet health and wellness experts and discover strategies for promoting physical and mental health.

ISED's Mental Health Network

Group photo showing members of ISED's Mental Health Network

ISED's Mental Health Network gives employees from all regions and at all levels an opportunity to work with union representatives to get a pulse on mental health issues in the Department. The group will proactively discuss employee concerns, look at best practices, help promote mental health initiatives and provide input on ISED's forthcoming mental health strategy.

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