One Nation of Innovators

Transcript: One Nation of Innovators

(Music up)

Onscreen text:

One key question

(Excerpt from the “Canadian Innovation Agenda” video featuring Minister Bains)

Minister Bains:

How to make Canada more innovative?

Onscreen text:

10 innovation leaders

(Series of photos of various innovation leaders)

Unidentified male:

Technological challenges are being brought forward by Canadian firms.

Onscreen text:

30 roundtables

(Series of photos of various people participating in round-table meetings)

Unidentified male:

I think that one thing that they need to do in Canada is to support companies.

Unidentified female:

Our scientists being recognized around the world.

Onscreen text:

1,400 ideas

(Interview excerpt featuring Tobias Lütke, the founder and CEO of Shopify)

Tobias Lütke:

Teaching computer literacy to children at a very early age.

(Man-on-the-street interview excerpt with unidentified male under which appears the hashtag #CdnInnovation)

Unidentified male:

Canada can be more innovative through use of green energy.

Onscreen text:

100,000 interactions

(Series of photos of the website and different social media channels used to engage Canadians on the Innovation Agenda)

Onscreen text:

One nation of innovators

(Music ends)

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