Connect to Innovate – Application toolkit

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

The Connect to Innovate program is now closed for new applications.

The application process for Connect to Innovate includes the following steps:

1. Read the guide

The application guide has been developed to assist in the completion of a project proposal for the Connect to Innovate program and provides information on the assessment criteria against which project proposals will be assessed.

2. Download the application form

Applicants are asked to apply directly to the online system using the Connect to Innovate application form (ZIP file, 156 KB).

Information on decompressing a ZIP file 

Information on downloading a PDF reader 

3. Download the attachment templates

There are also a number of accompanying attachment templates, that must be attached to the application form upon submission. Each template comes with specific instructions on how to complete it. The size limit of all attachments is 100MB, so it is important not to exceed this capacity.

Information on decompressing a ZIP File 

This includes the following:


Backbone Applications (if applicable)

Last-mile Applications (if applicable)

You will also be required to submit the additional supporting documents.

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