Digital Skills for Youth Program

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Building Tomorrow’s Workforce

Digital Skills for Youth (DS4Y) connects underemployed post-secondary graduates with small businesses and not-for-profit organizations where they can gain meaningful work experience to help them transition to career-oriented employment.

The program supports Delivery Organizations with a strong network of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs under 500 employees) and not-for-profit organizations (i.e. Employers) that can create employment opportunities for youth to build the digital skills needed for the evolving digital economy. It is expected that the opportunities are grounded in experiences that will prepare youth to adapt to the major changes projected in tomorrow’s workplace, including emerging areas where the jobs may not yet exist such as those related to cybersecurity, the automation of knowledge tasks, big data, and artificial intelligence, among others.

DS4Y is part of the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy (YESS), a horizontal initiative involving federal departments and agencies. DS4Y contributes to the YESS programming by supporting youth who are more or less job-ready but who may require a first employment experience through wage-subsidy opportunities, and skill development to enter and succeed in the labour market.

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