ATIP Request Forms

    The first step in making an Access to Information (ATI) or Privacy request is to determine who hold the records. Please refer to Info Source to find out what Industry Canada does and what information it holds.

    To determine if another department or agency holds the information you are requesting, please contact one of the Access to Information and Privacy Coordinators, listed by organization.

    Submitting an Online Request — new

    Using the ATIP Online Request service, is a faster, easier and more convenient way to submit access to information or privacy requests. Apply online today to save time.

    Mailing your Request

    To make a request by mail, please complete either the Access to Information Request Form or the Personal Information Request Form, or include a letter indicating that your request is made in accordance with the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act and describe the information you are seeking. Please include relevant details to help the ATIP Office find the information you are requesting. Mail your request to:

    Information and Privacy Rights Administration
    Industry Canada

    C.D. Howe Building
    2nd Floor, West Tower
    235 Queen Street

    Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H5

    Please note that a $5 application fee applies to only Access to Information requests. There is no fee for requests for your personal information.