Associations and Organizations

Automotive Industries Association of Canada
Automotive Industries Association of Canada is a national trade association in Canada which represents the automotive aftermarket industry. The aftermarket industry is composed of companies which manufacture, distribute, wholesale, and retail automotive replacement parts, accessories, tools, and service and repair equipment.

Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association
Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association is the national association representing OEM producers of parts, equipment, tools, supplies and services for the worldwide automotive industry. The Association was founded in 1952 and has 400 members which account for ninety percent of independent parts production in Canada.

Canadian Automotive Partnership Council (CAPC)
CAPC is an industry-led organization formed in September 2002 to address the key competitive issues facing the Canadian automotive industry.

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers represents the upstream producing sector of the petroleum industry. Member companies find, develop and produce more than 95 per cent of Canada's natural gas and crude oil. Those companies range in size from start-up operations to major integrated companies. Associate members provide a broad range of services to the upstream sector of Canada's petroleum industry.

Canadian Automobile Dealers Association
Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) represents franchised new automobile dealerships (both domestic and import) employing over 100,000 individuals across Canada. As small business members of virtually every community in Canada, the 3,000 CADA member dealers represent a key sector of the economy.

Canadian Gas Association
Founded in 1907, the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) is the voice of Canada's natural gas delivery industry. The Association is made up of over 125 companies, organizations and individuals who are involved in the delivery of natural gas in Canada and the United States.

Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters
Current vision is to continuously improve the competitiveness of Canadian industry and to expand export business. This mission is to achieved by:

  • aggressive, effective advocacy to government at all levels
  • delivering timely, relevant information, programs and support of superior quality and value
  • providing opportunities for education, learning and professional growth
  • promoting the development and implementation of advanced technology

Canadian Plastics Industry Association
Canadian Plastics Industry Association is a new organization that builds on the strengths of the Society of Plastics Industry, the Canadian Plastics Institute and the Environment and Plastics Institute of Canada, as well as a number of regional organizations.

Canadian Propane Association
The mission of this association is to facilitate the growth and best practices of performance for the propane industry in Canada by acting as a unified champion for the entire industry, regardless of geography or place on the propane value chain.

Canadian Transportation Equipment Association
The Canadian Transportation Equipment Association serves its members, the commercial vehicle manufacturers, their dealers, distributors, component manufacturers and service providers in the Canadian marketplace. Acting as a spokesperson and liaison between the industry and government ministries, it promotes public awareness of the industry sector and its importance to the economy as well as maintaining a complete industry data base and providing a forum for networking within the Industry.

Canadian Urban Transit Association
The Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) represents the public transit community in Canada and engages in a multitude of activities in support of its mission and goals. These include conferences, training, public affairs, awards, exhibitions, technical services, research, statistics and government relations.

Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association
The Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association (CVMA) serves as an effective bridge between member companies and governments federally and provincially on issues that affect the automotive industry in Canada. The CVMA facilitates the development of a consensual, industry position on a variety of issues common to all member companies.

Global Automakers of Canada
Global Automakers of Canada (GAC) is a national industry association representing the Canadian interests of 15 international automakers. The GAC advocates for sound public policy to support a competitive and sustainable automotive market in Canada. The members directly and indirectly employ some 77,000 Canadians and more than 50% of the vehicles sold by member companies in Canada were built in North America.

Japan Automobile Manufacturers' Association of Canada
Japan Automobile Manufacturers' Association of Canada was established as a non-profit trade association in 1984 in order to promote greater understanding between Canada and Japan on economic and trade matters pertaining to the automobile industry.

North American Automobile Trade Association
North American Automobile Trade Association is an association of independent motor vehicle brokers who import and export vehicles to markets around the world.

Pôle d'excellence québécois en transport terrestre (French only)
The Pôle d'excellence québécois en transport terrestre works daily to ensure the growth and advancement of Quebec enterprises by developing growth-generating projects in ground transportation. It also organizes numerous networking activities, international trade missions and special events. The Pôle d'excellence québécois en transport terrestre is also the mouthpiece and leader of Quebec's transportation equipment industry. It represents enterprises in interactions with public and parapublic transportation authorities at the national and international levels.

Rubber Association of Canada
The Association represent major rubber manufacturers and rubber goods importers together with suppliers whose goods and services relate directly to the industry.

Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario
The Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario, with a membership of over 3,000 motor vehicle dealers, represents the interests of the used vehicle industry with consumers, the media and government. It provides educational programmes for the industry and a free transactional mediation process for consumers.

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