Change of name of the corporate Licensed Insolvency Trustee


In accordance with Section 48 of Directive No. 13R6, Trustee Licensing (the Directive), such a change requires the prior approval of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.

A written request for such approval must be submitted to the Licensing Section of the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB).

Pre-approval of the new corporate Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) name

  1. Current name of the corporate LIT:
  2. Proposed name (please refer to Section 31 of the Directive):
  3. Requested by:
    • Name:
    • Firm:
    • Telephone/Fax Numbers:

Once the name has been pre-approved

Please provide the following information/document to the Licensing Section:

  1. A copy of the Articles of Amendment or other similar official document with respect to the name change.
  2. The name, residential address and occupation of each director and of each officer of the corporation.
  3. The name, residential address and occupation of each shareholder and each person having a direct or indirect proprietary interest in the corporation (including beneficial owner, where applicable)
  4. The number of shares (or proportion of total shares) and the classes of shares held by each shareholder in the corporation.
  5. A list indicating every LIT who is simultaneously a shareholder (or financial backer) of this corporation and of any another corporate LIT and all relevant details (i.e. names of those corporate LIT(s), and the district(s) in which they operate).
  6. Written confirmation that the corporate LIT conforms with sections 35 to 38 (objects of the corporation) of the Directive.
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