Licensed Insolvency Trustee joining an existing corporate trustee firm


In accordance with Directive No. 13R6, Trustee Licensing, such a change requires the prior approval of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.
A written request for such approval must be submitted to the Licensing Section of OSB.

Please provide the following information/documentation to the Licensing Section:

All Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LITs):

  1. LIT name and licence number
  2. Current firm (if applicable)
  3. Effective date of proposed change, (i.e. date at which the LIT is joining new firm)
  4. New principal business address, Telephone, Fax, Email
  5. Estate Concilation–please choose the situation which applies to you:
    1. Transferring files to another LIT within the firm (name of the LIT)
    2. LIT keeping files (substitution)

Where the LIT is still subject to the condition of direct supervision of an established LIT:

  1. A supporting letter from the supervisor LIT outlining the supervision plan which will have to be approved.
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