Centralization of Insolvency Processing for Government Programs (Non-Tax) Accounts

    March 4, 2009

    The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is committed to client-service excellence and is constantly reviewing its business process. The CRA understands and appreciates the need to reduce the administrative burden on small businesses, such as trustees. Accordingly, I am writing to clarify the centralization of our insolvency services in the London Tax Services Office (LTSO).

    The LTSO Government Programs (Non-Tax) Account Maintenance is responsible for processing nationally all insolvency matters involving:
    Canada Pension Plan overpayments;
    Employment Insurance overpayments; and
    defaulted Canada Student Loans.

    To avoid processing delays, please mail all insolvency notifications for the above-noted Government Programs (Non-Tax) accounts to:

    Canada Revenue Agency—London Tax Services Office
    Revenue Collections Division
    Government Programs (Non-Tax) Account Maintenance
    P.O. Box 2517
    London ON  N6A 4G9

    As this notice relates only to Government Programs (Non-Tax) accounts as specified above, please continue to send all tax-related insolvency documents to your current point of contact.

    If you have questions regarding a Government Programs (Non-Tax) insolvent account, please call, toll-free, the Account Maintenance Support Unit (AMSU) at 1-888-441-6982. The AMSU will forward your questions to the appropriate officer who will respond to your inquiry.

    For further clarification, do not hesitate to call me at the phone number noted below.

    Original signed by

    T. Lee
    Team Leader
    Government Programs (Non-Tax) Account Maintenance
    London Tax Services Office