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From grocery shopping to dating sites, driving to banking, baby monitors to mobile apps, and submarine radar to GPS trackers, the world is increasingly wireless. That means more of the services and devices we use every day need spectrum, and Canadians are counting on us to make it all possible!

As Canada's spectrum management officers, we work behind the scenes to make sure all those wireless apps, products and services are available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

In fact, if we're doing our jobs right, most folks won't know that we're doing our jobs at all!

So what exactly do we do? Well, we're on the ground working throughout the country to ensure our wireless infrastructure is safe, functional and interference-free.

What will you do?

As part of our team, you'll help us:

Then there are the unique responsibilities that you won't find in typical government jobs:

While some of the work is in the office, some is out in the field inspecting equipment, investigating interference issues and more. There's no typical day because this is no ordinary government job.

What else can you expect?

As part of our team, you'll receive:

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Do you have a question? Don't see any current vacancies but would like to apply anyway? Contact us at ic.stshrb-sstdgrh.ic@canada.ca!

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