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Every day thousands of talented Canadians come to work at Industry Canada. They come for the challenge and because they know that they are making a real difference to the lives we lead. Our young professionals and tenured experts bring a diverse range of skills and experience to the work they do. And like you, they started out wanting to play an important role in something much bigger. That's why they joined Industry Canada. View the latest IC job postings at www.jobs.gc.ca. Please note that all employees of the Department are required to observe the Industry Canada Values and Ethics Code.

"Bridging" to a public service career

Have you completed a student work term in the Government of Canada, you might want to market yourself to managers at Industry Canada. Hiring former students is a fast, simple staffing option for managers.

Are you eligible?

Former college or university students employed under one of the following programs are eligible:

Candidates must have worked one term in any department.

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