Administrative and Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services

56 Administrative and Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services
561 Administrative and Support Services
5611 Office Administrative Services
56111 Office Administrative Services
5612 Facilities Support Services
56121 Facilities Support Services
5613 Employment Services
56131 Employment Placement Agencies and Executive Search Services
56132 Temporary Help Services
56133 Professional Employer Organizations
5614 Business Support Services
56141 Document Preparation Services
56142 Telephone Call Centres
56143 Business Service Centres
56144 Collection Agencies
56145 Credit Bureaus
56149 Other Business Support Services
5615 Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services
56151 Travel Agencies
56152 Tour Operators
56159 Other Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services
5616 Investigation and Security Services
56161 Investigation, Guard and Armoured Car Services
561611 Investigation Services
561612 Security Guard and Patrol Services
561613 Armoured Car Services
56162 Security Systems Services
561621 Security Systems Services (except Locksmiths)
561622 Locksmiths
5617 Services to Buildings and Dwellings
56171 Exterminating and Pest Control Services
56172 Janitorial Services
561721 Window Cleaning Services
561722 Janitorial Services (except Window Cleaning)
56173 Landscaping Services
56174 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services
56179 Other Services to Buildings and Dwellings
561791 Duct and Chimney Cleaning Services
561799 All Other Services to Buildings and Dwellings
5619 Other Support Services
56191 Packaging and Labelling Services
56192 Convention and Trade Show Organizers
56199 All Other Support Services
562 Waste Management and Remediation Services
5621 Waste Collection
56211 Waste Collection
5622 Waste Treatment and Disposal
56221 Waste Treatment and Disposal
5629 Remediation and Other Waste Management Services
56291 Remediation Services
56292 Material Recovery Facilities
56299 All Other Waste Management Services
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