7. Deceptively misdescriptive

Reg. 31. For the purpose of paragraph 12(1)(a) of the Act, a corporate name is deceptively misdescriptive if it is likely to mislead the public, in any language, with respect to any of the following:

  1. the business, goods or services in association with which it is proposed to be used;
  2. the conditions under which the goods or services will be produced or supplied or the persons to be employed in the production or supply of the goods or services; and
  3. the place of origin of the goods or services.

Use of the word "club" in corporate names

There is no general restriction on the use of the word "Club" in corporate names. The word may be used for business incorporations, but Corporations Canada will want to be satisfied that the use of the word does not imply to the public a not-for-profit corporation.

e.g. Rough Riders Football Club would be acceptable, as the general public would be aware that such a football club is a profit-making organization.

Use of the word "institute", "association", "foundation" or other such words

Generally, these terms connote a not-for-profit organization. Corporations Canada will, however, consider representations for the use of these words in names of business corporations. The representations should indicate the extent to which the proposed word has been used in the business of the proposed corporation or similar businesses.

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