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Federal corporations who wish to register their corporation in the province of Ontario must complete the Government of Ontario form:

  • Form 2 – Extra Provincial Corporations – Initial Return/Notice of Change

Who needs to register provincially?

Corporations are required to register in the provinces in which they do business. The Joint Online Registration System is designed to simplify that process for federal corporations by providing access to the Ontario registration forms online as corporations are filing their federal Articles of Incorporation.

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How much can I do online

The Joint Online Registration System will automatically provide you with the relevant forms and fill in any information already submitted with the federal Articles of Incorporation, including the corporation's name and the date of incorporation.

You will need to add any additional information required by Ontario, such as:

  • Date business commenced in Ontario Footnote *
  • Language preference in Ontario
  • Address of principal office in Ontario
  • Name and address of chief officer / manager in Ontario (if applicable)
  • Name and title of authorizing Individual
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Is a fee required?

There are no fees for registering with the province of Ontario.

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Can the registration process be completed online?

Yes. Corporations Canada, through the Joint Online Registration System, will make your application available electronically to the Central Production and Verification Services Branch. We will also provide you with copies. Please note, however, that the copies of the provincial forms you filed are for your records only. They will not contain your Ontario Business Number, which must come from the province. If your application for extra-provincial registration is approved, the Government of Ontario will send you a final copy of the form by e-mail, including your Ontario Business Number.

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How long does the process take?

If you submit your articles by 1 pm (EST) any business day, your incorporation certificate should be processed by 5 pm (EST) the same day, as long as the documents are submitted in the prescribed form and that the corporate name, if applicable, is accepted. Once your application for federal incorporation is processed, Corporations Canada will send you, via e-mail, copies of the federal Articles of Incorporation filed with us along with copies of the provincial forms you filed.

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Are Annual Returns required in Ontario?

No. However, federal corporations have to file a federal annual return. The fee for filing online is $20 vs $40 for filing by any other means.

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Further information

For more information on Ontario's registration requirements please visit the Central Production and Verification Services Branch website or contact them at:

393 University Ave., Suite 200
Toronto Ontario M5G 2M2
Companies Help-line: 416-314-8880
Phone: 1-800-361-3223


Footnote *

The Ontario government does not accept registrations with post-dated commencement dates. If the corporation will commence business in the future, you will need to register with Ontario within 60 days of the day that business commences.

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