NUANS Name Search Report Advisory

You have indicated that you wish to order your own NUANS Name Search Report in Real-Time rather than ordering from a registered NUANS Search House of your choice.

Please be aware that:

  • all corporate names need to be approved by Corporations Canada. A NUANS Name Search Report which you have generated may be rejected if the proposed name does not meet the requirements of the CBCA name regulations. Help on how to get a corporate name approved is available from the links below.
  • the NUANS Real Time System which you are about to enter provides help on how to formulate your query to the NUANS system. It does not focus on how to meet the requirements of the name regulations and Corporations Canada's policy relating to those regulations.
  • to understand the requirements that a corporate name must meet, you should make use of the help provided by the links on this page. These help files may take some time to read and understand. You may wish instead to order your NUANS Name Search Report from a registered NUANS Search House, many of whom have expertise in, and provide advice on how to meet the requirements of the policy and regulations. Corporations Canada is not able to provide assistance on the understanding of regulations and policies.

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