Not-for-profit Corporations


The October 17 transition deadline has now passed. If you have not transitioned and your corporation has not been dissolved, you can still make the transition.

Read the Transition Guide to help you through the 5-step process.

Consult the FAQs on the transition deadline.

Transition using Forms 4031 and 4002

How to transition to the new Act

How to transition to the new Act

Overview of the transition process.

How to complete Form 4031 – Articles of Continuance

How to complete Form 4031 – Articles of Continuance

Taking you step-by-step through the transition form.

Not-for-profit Corporations

Read about how to create and operate a federal not-for-profit corporation, as well as Policies, Guidelines and Procedures.

Canada Corporations Act, Part II

Corporations that have not yet transitioned to the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act are still subject to the Canada Corporations Act, Part II. Until the Canada Corporations Act is repealed, corporations can still operate under this legislation. For more information, please refer to current Policies, Guidelines and Procedures.

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