E-Filing is a service provided by Industry Canada to facilitate the certification of radio equipment and the registration of terminal equipment in Canada

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You may use the services of a certification body (CB) for Canada to obtain radio equipment certification. A CB is a body that has been recognized by Industry Canada to conduct certification to Canadian requirements. Applications via a CB may be processed and reviewed in a more timely manner.

New Notice to E-Filing Users (updated:02-17-2015)

The Certification and Engineering Bureau (CEB) is currently in the process of updating the online E-filing application. In order to transition to the new application, the CEB will need to shut down the E-Filing service for a period of two weeks. The CEB will be unable to receive certification / registration applications during this period. Other online services such as "Test Site registration" or "company number request" will not be available either during this period. The e-filing application will be shut down on March 3rd, 2015 and the new E-filing application, called "SPECTRAWeb" will be up and running on March 16th, 2015.

The week of March 9th, the CEB will provide a "Sandbox" testing environment for clients. This will be an opportunity for frequent E-filing users to play in this test environment and become familiar with the new "look & feel" of the SPECTRAWeb application. Please note that any applications submitted in the sandbox environment are strictly for testing and will not be reviewed by the CEB. Consequently, we do not recommend including sensitive information or attaching confidential documents in a test application within the sandbox environment.

E-Filing users wishing to submit online applications to be reviewed by the CEB shall wait until the fully functional official SPECTRAWeb application is available on March 16th, 2015. Please note that user accounts created within the Sandbox testing environment will not be usable with the final application. Users who will create an account in the sandbox environment will have to create a new account when the official SPECTRAWeb application becomes available.

Currently, E-filing users login using their IC registration account (My Industry Canada Account) to gain access to the E-Filing application. In the new SPECTRAWeb application, clients will need to create a new account within the SPECTRAWeb application with a username and password. The current IC registration account system will be decommissioned. Individuals who are currently identified as the primary contact for companies registered with IC/CEB should have received a "Shared Secret" by email on February 4, 2015. Once these individuals have created their personal account, they will be prompted for the "Shared secret" to permit the association of their personal account to the appropriate company registered with IC/CEB. It is possible to link several individual accounts to the same company registered with IC/CEB but to do so, the primary contact of the company will have to share the "Shared secret" with the other individuals wishing to link their personal account to that same company registered with IC/CEB. As an alternative, the primary contact of the company may choose to retain control on the association of individual accounts to the company account by not sharing the "shared secret" with others and taking upon him or herself to create the other personal accounts for the other individuals wishing to be linked to that company.

Companies registered with IC/CEB includes: Applicants, Certification Bodies, Test laboratories, Agents, Canadian Representatives, Manufacturer, etc... If you are the primary contact for one of these types of company, you should have received a "Shared secret" with instructions by email on February 4, 2015. In the event that you are the primary contact for multiple companies, you will receive an email for each company with a unique "Shared secret" for each and it is possible to link one personal account to multiple company accounts.

If you have any question, please submit them to:ic.certificationbureau-bureauhomologation.ic@canada.ca with the subject "SPECTRAWeb".


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