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Notice to E-Filing Users

As of August 25th, 2010 a new version of E-filing has been released.

In this new E-filing release company number information cannot be modified within a registration submission. E-filing users must use the "Manage Company Information" button and select the "Edit Company Number Details" feature, to submit the requested modifications for approval before the Company Number can be used.

If users begin a certification/registration application and find that the company number details require modification, they may select the "Update Company Information" button. Selecting the "Update Company Information" button will change the type of session from a "certification/registration" application to an "Edit Company Number Details" session. Please note that if a company number has been submitted to the bureau for edit, it cannot be used in a registration application until the modifications to the company number details have been approved.

Using the "Update Company Information" process will require the user to start a new certification/registration session after the company number information has been updated.

A Canada Gazette Notice (SMSE-009-10) announcing the release of Issue 4 of DC-01: Procedure for Declaration of Conformity and Registration of Terminal Equipment, was published on April 3, 2010.

Changes in the new issue include Annex I (Declaration of Conformity and Registration Form), Annex II (Checklist for Terminal Equipment Registration) and additional requirements in Section 6.5.4 When using the E-filing option, the following are required:

  • (a) an Industry Canada username and password, which can be obtained from the E-filing page;
  • (b) a DoC and registration form (see Annex I of this document), which must be signed and submitted in PDF format or by facsimile to the Bureau;
  • (c) a copy of the instruction manual(s) as supplied with the equipment. If not included in the instruction manual(s), the following information shall be attached:
    1. Complete operating and maintenance instructions;
    2. Complete schematic diagrams and a list of parts and components; and
    3. Sufficient photographs (approximately 20 cm x 25 cm) of the unit to show details of external appearance and internal construction.
  • (d) a copy of current advertising literature, if available; and
  • (e) the payment of the applicable fee, which shall be made by credit card to the Receiver General of Canada.