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General notices

Notice 2020-DRS0017 — Clarification on requirements set forth in some Federal Communications Commission (FCC) KDB procedures

Notice 2020-DRS0016 — Wireless Power Transfer Devices, RSS-216 (Issue 2) amendment 1

Notice 2020-DRS0015 — Vehicles, Boats and Other Devices Equipped with Internal Combustion Engines, Traction Batteries or Both, ICES-002 (Issue 7)

Notice 2020-DRS0014 — Alternate measurement procedure to demonstrate compliance with the Total Radiated Power (TRP) limits of RSS-192 (Issue 4)

Notice 2020-DRS0013 — Publication of ICES-001 (Issue 5)

Notice 2020-DRS0012 — Clarification on requirements set forth in issue 1 of SPR-002

Notice 2020-DRS0011 — Publication of RSS-125 (Issue 3)

Notice 2020-DRS0010 — Transition Period of ISO/IEC 17025 Extended

Notice 2020-DRS0009 — Publication of RSS-192 (Issue 4)

Notice 2020-DRS0008 — RSS-HAC (Issue 1) Certification Body's Scope Further Extension

Notice 2020-DRS0007Updated Sept 15, 2020 Time-Averaged Specific Absorption Rate (TAS) Protocol

Notice 2020-DRS0006 — Publication of RSS-222 (Issue 2) and DBS-01 (Issue 2)

Notice 2020-DRS0005 — Amendment to RSS-191 (Issue 3)

Notice 2020-DRS0004 — RSS-HAC (Issue 1) Certification Body's Scope Extension

Notice 2020-DRS0003 — Publication of RSS-310 (Issue 5)

Notice 2020-DRS0002 — Publication of RSS-210 (Issue 10)

Notice 2020-DRS0001 — Applicability of IEC 62209-3 Standard

Notice 2014-DRS1003Updated Jan 29, 2020 Electronic labelling

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