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As of January 19th, 2002
The Terminal Attachment Program introduced Declaration of Conformity DC-01 which supercedes Certification Procedure CP-01.

Prepare your Technical Brief in PDF format
As per  DC-01 fill out annex 1 and 2 and save as a PDF file Adobe version 3.0 or higher. All documents that are scanned must be have a readable resolution (converting to JPEG format works well to reduce the file size).

A registration fee of $750.00 per application is required. Fees are automatically calculated with the appropriate tax's

Taxes are applicable to Canadian applicants only. The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) or the Good and Service Tax (GST) will be charged on the assessment fees. Where applicable, provincial sales tax will be charged, in accordance with the agreements with the various provinces and territories. For questions on the HST/GST, contact Revenue Canada at 1-800-465-6160 or 613-990-8584.

Equipment Modification
The declaring party shall keep a record of technical details of changes and have additional testing of the modified model as required. Do not refile the equipment. The Department may ask for the test reports when in the process of performing an audit on the registered equipment.

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