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Installation instructions

Some of the Radio Standard Specification emission masks are now available in a graphical presentation using Agilent VEE Runtime 9.2.

To install VEE Runtime 9.2, please download the "VEE_9.2_Runtime_setup.exe" file. Double click the file and follow the install wizard instructions.

The "Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5" must be installed on your computer for the VEE Runtime 9.2 to install successfully. Once installed you can view any graphical emission mask that is available by downloading the applicable mask, unzipping the folder and double clicking the file with the ".VXE" extension within the folder.

The Marker function can be used to find a specific (X, Y) coordinates by right clicking on the plot area and selecting "Center markers". A marker will then be displayed allowing you to move it to the applicable (X, Y) coordinates.

If a segment table is provided in the applicable emission mask, the points listed can be entered into the measuring equipment.

Note: The technical requirements set forth in the applicable standard take precedence if the emission mask and the standard in question are not fully harmonized.

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