Donate to Computers for Schools

Anyone can give to Computers for Schools.
We accept donations from government, private business and individuals.

Giving helps:

Kids and other learners develop the advanced digital skills they need

Computers for Schools helps learners gain greater access to digital devices in order to develop the advanced digital skills needed to thrive in a knowledge-based economy.

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Save the environment

Since 1993, CFS has extended the use of over 1.6 million refurbished digital devices nationwide, and has diverted over 40,000 tonnes of e-waste from landfills. All CFS e-waste is handled by certified recyclers.

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Get you a tax break

Tax receipts are available for working equipment that meets the minimum standard. Tax receipts are based on the fair market value of the equipment being donated.

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How to give:

If you'd like to make a donation, visit your local CFS representative's website.

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