Partnership and Engagement Opportunities

Partnerships are fundamental to the success of the Computers for School Program (CFS). As we celebrate 25 years of success, we recognize the key role that schools, communities, governments, and private sector partners have played in fueling donations, the refurbishment process, and the effective use of these computers once distributed to teach the next generation to work in the digital economy.

As technologies and the skills required to participate in the digital economy evolve, the importance of innovative partnerships that help us deliver access to technology and digital skills for Canadians broadens.

Partnerships are particularly important for CFS, to help us reach the youth and communities that need additional skills and resources to fully participate in the digital economy.  These partnerships are essential not just for the operations of the CFS affiliates, but they help to ensure that we remain relevant and continue to offer the skills and equipment needed to thrive in the evolving digital economy.

Getting involved with CFS starts with a conversation, please contact the CFS Affiliate in your area, or the Computers for Success Canada (CFSC) – an organization responsible for the overarching partnerships and promotion of the Computers for School Program, or the ISED CFS team at  Collaborations and partnerships may include:

  • Donation of IT material
  • Community engagement
  • Collaborative digital skills programming
  • Transportation to rural and northern communities
  • Donation of Warehouse space
  • Donation of Advertising support

Becoming a CFS Affiliate

The program is delivered through centres (CFS Affiliates) across Canada that operate workshops where donated computers are refurbished and redistributed to eligible recipients. CFS Affiliates also provide Canadian youth with technical work experience to develop information, communication and technical skills as well as the soft-skills needed to thrive in the digital economy.

The CFS affiliates are expected to:

  • Distribute refurbished computer equipment to schools, libraries, not-for-profit organizations, Indigenous communities, and eligible low-income Canadians.  
  • Provide skills development and work experience to youth.
  • Ensure refurbished computer equipment is distributed to eligible recipients, and that equipment that is deemed not useable is sent to certified Canadian recyclers.

The CFS program is currently undergoing a refresh.  As we review our current portfolio of affiliates we will assess the breadth and reach of the program.  If your organization would like to become a CFS Affiliate, please let us know so that we can document the request, and use it to inform forward planning and the possible need for a new call for proposals.

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