Technical Work Experience Program (TWEP)

The Technical Work Experience Program (TWEP) component of the Computers for Schools Program allows funding recipients to hire students and recent graduates from college and university. The Program provides young people with a maximum of 52 weeks paid, practical, on-the-job experience in CFS refurbishment centres throughout Canada.

Canada's economic future depends on educating and training our young people to fill the knowledge-based jobs of tomorrow. The Computers for Schools Program helps thousands of young Canadians get hands-on experience with information technologies and access to computers and software, and provides valuable work experience in the information technology field. TWEP allows youth to gain work experience by focusing in the following areas:

  • document management;
  • interpreting online technical manuals;
  • setting up TCP/IP addresses;
  • using diagnostic tools and software;
  • erasing, formatting, installing and testing hard drives;
  • configuring and diagnosing operating systems;
  • installing and testing software;
  • preparing software images for duplication;
  • checking and updating basic input/output system (BIOS);
  • isolating, researching and resolving errors;
  • selecting and troubleshooting proper random-access memory (RAM);
  • installing and diagnosing expansion cards;
  • dismantling discarded computers for salvageable parts, using required safety procedures; and
  • preparing e-waste for shipping to a certified recycler, including the complete destruction of unusable hard drives.


Each year, Computers for Schools workshops provide hundreds of young Canadians with hands-on training and opportunities in information and communications technology (ICT). Students work with computer technology, develop valuable skills through teamwork and project work and gain experience toward future careers. With support from the Canadian government’s Youth Employment Strategy (YES), CFS provides training to youth. In addition, the Technical Work Experience Program (TWEP) provides recent graduates from technology programs with their first job experience. Some of the CFS workshops are school-based, allowing schools to add computer repair courses to their curriculum. In other cases, the TelecomPioneers and other volunteers, provide training to young co-op students.


The Program is targeted to young Canadians, aged 15 to 30, who have either acquired or are in the process of acquiring a degree, diploma or certificate in Information Technology.

Job Description

Under the supervision of CFS Repair Centre managers, young technicians will repair and refurbish computer equipment, sort and test computer software, prepare and package computers for shipment. Young technicians may also provide technical support to local school boards. In addition to practical, marketable work experience, each youth will be allowed and encouraged to search for full-time work throughout their employment with the Program.

How to Apply

To apply, contact Computers for Schools in your province or territory or look for job postings at your local Human Resources Development Centre or in your local newspaper. For more information about the Technical Work Experience Program, call Computers for Schools at 1-888-636-9899.

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