Computers for Schools

Computers for Schools

Computers for Schools (CFS) refurbishes donated digital devices and distributes them to schools, libraries, not-for-profit organizations and Indigenous communities as well as eligible low income Canadians across Canada. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada leads this program for the federal government, working with provincial and territorial governments, not-for profit organizations as well as the private and volunteer sectors. The program has helped extend the useful life of computer equipment, reducing the overall environmental impact of electronic waste. Youth also benefit from paid, practical work internships where they can develop more advanced digital skills.


The Program is part of the Government of Canada's Innovation and Skills Plan, and aims to facilitate and encourage the participation of under-represented groups in the digital economy by investing in initiatives that provide them with the necessary tools, access and skills to participate.

Employment opportunities for all Canadians are critical for growing the economy and Canada's success depends on leveraging our diverse talent pool. The need for digitally-skilled workers is growing and the government is working to ensure that all Canadians are equipped to meet the demand.

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While many Canadians enjoy the opportunities that digital technology offers, not all have access to computers or the digital skills needed to thrive in the knowledge economy. With the Canadian economy becoming increasingly digital, access to technology is an integral part of succeeding in the digital economy. The Computers for Schools (CFS) program plays an important role in increasing access to technology for Canadian youth, communities and low-income Canadians by providing the skills and tools they need to take advantage of a modern digital world.


Budget 2018 announced that the Computers for School program will receive continued funding to build on its 25 years of success through an expanded mandate that now serves schools, libraries, not-for-profit organizations and Indigenous communities as well as eligible low-income Canadians. If your organization is interested in getting involved in the CFS program, please visit our Partnership and Engagement opportunities page for more information.

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