Before completing any of the e-forms below, please consult the following:

    Fee Payment Form
    Trademark in use in Canada (Form 1)
    Trademark made known in Canada (Form 2)
    Trademark registered and used Abroad (Form 3)
    Proposed Trademark (Form 4)
    Certification Mark used in Canada (Form 5)
    New or Revised Trademark Application
    Registration of Trademarks
    Renewal of Trademarks
    Order Trademark Documents
    Order Trademark Data
    Request to Enter a New Name on the List of Trademark Agents
    Trademark Agent Renewal
    Filing/Completing a Canadian Application for Patent (Petition for Grant of a Patent)
    Application for Reissue (Form 1)
    Disclaimer (Form 2)
    Pay Fees
    Payment of Maintenance Fees
    PCT-Safe Electronic Filing
    Order Patent Documents (includes: Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Pilot Program)
    Order Patent Data
    Patent Agent Renewal
    Patent Examiner Recruitment
    Request for the Registration of a Transfer
    General correspondence (includes: requesting national entry of a PCT application, assignments and other documents, and payment of fees)
    Industrial Designs
    Application for registration
    Order industrial designs documents
    Order industrial designs data
    Payment of maintenance fees
    General correspondence
    Application for registration of a copyright in a work
    Application for registration of a copyright in a performer's performance, sound recording or communication signal
    Filing a grant of interest
    Request for certificate of correction
    Order copyright documents
    General correspondence
    Integrated Circuit Topographies
    Application for registration


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