Bulk Data Products

What is bulk data?

Bulk data is trademarks, patents and industrial designs information available in machine readable formats. Bulk data can be used to load into analytical tools for research and for loading directly into databases. The information contained in these products can also be accessed free of charge by searching CIPO's databases on Patents, Trademarks and Industrial Designs.

How are bulk data products made available?

Bulk data products are available through subscriptions and back file requests. Subscriptions are comprised of weekly updates. Back files provide historical data. Subscription and back files are available for trademarks, industrial designs and patents.

How do I order bulk data?

Bulk data can be ordered online. Subscriptions cover a publication period of one calendar year and are bound by the Terms and Conditions for Use.

Universities and non-profit research organizations can be eligible to receive Bulk Data products free of charge. For more information, contact the Bulk Data Products Team at 1-866-997-1936.

How will I receive bulk data?

Bulk data is generally provided in the form of .zip files containing TIFF images and/or XML documents. Subscriptions are delivered to the customer's server on a weekly basis through File Transfer Protocol (FTP). An FTP 1 set-up charge of $350 applies to new subscriptions. Back files 2 and products containing large images or data files are available on DVD or portable drive 3.

How much does bulk data cost?

Bulk Data Products Subscription Back File
Trademarks (TM)

Data and Designs

- Includes back file for subscription price

$1,575 $490

Data and Designs

- Includes Data-only back file for subscription price

$1,000 $225
Industrial Designs (ID)

Data and Designs

- Includes back file for subscription price

$2,400 $450
MIMOSA – Patent Applications $1,000 $750/year
MIMOSA – Issued Patents $700 $550/year
Administrative Status $500 $275
Bibliographic Data and Full Text $1,000 $880 4

Other pricing

Products Price
1 FTP Set-Up – For each new connection $350
2 Patent Back File Data – For any given year $100/year
3 Portable Drive – Required for complete MIMOSA back file $165

4 Back File of Patent Bibliographic Data and Full Text

Products Price
Data – From 1869 to 1977 $240
Data and Full Text – From 1978 to 1999 $320
Data and Full Text – From 2000 to the previous calendar year end $320
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