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Find out how to transfer ownership of your copyright.

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  • Assignment: An assignment occurs when you transfer part, or all of your rights to another party. The assignment may be for the whole term of the copyright, or for a certain part of it.
  • Licence: A licence gives someone else permission to use your work under certain conditions, while allowing you to retain ownership and maintain your rights.

How to access this form

The grant of interest application form is located on a secure server on the Strategis site. You must create a username and password with Strategis and then log on to the form.

Preparing your application

It's a good idea to become familiar with the documents How your application for registration of a copyright is processed and A Guide to Copyright prior to completing the form.


To register a grant of interest with the Copyright Office:

  • Electronically: Attach the agreement between parties to a cover letter. The Office will then mail a certificate of registration.
  • By fax or mail: Send a copy of the original agreement between parties along with a cover letter and the prescribed fees , to the Copyright Office. The Office will retain a record of the documentation and return the originals, if applicable, with a certificate of registration.

Note: Sections of the application form marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed before you submit your application.

  • Fee
    The fee for accepting for registration a grant of interest of a copyright is listed in the Tariff of Fees.

System requirements and information

Please review our system requirements and information summary to ensure you have the required software.

If you experience a problem

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Form for Filing a grant of interest.

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