Procedures in case of office closure

In case of an emergency, CIPO will attempt to remain open for business and ensure that essential service to our clients continues with the least possible disruption or delay.

In view of the date-sensitive nature of intellectual property (IP), clients are advised to address important deadlines ahead of time to minimize the risk of affecting their IP rights. For the purposes of such deadlines, unless otherwise notified, clients should assume that all due dates remain in effect. See Correspondence Procedures for additional information.

Whenever CIPO is closed for business, including closures due to extraordinary circumstances, CIPO considers all time limits to be extended until the next day that it is open for business. In such situations, mail delivered to CIPO or to the designated regional offices will be considered to be received on the date that CIPO re-opens for business, with the exception of correspondence addressed to the Registrar of Topographies.

There may also be instances in which the designated regional offices may be temporarily closed, yet CIPO remains open for business. In such situations, it remains the responsibility of CIPO's clients to ensure that all deadlines are respected.

Clients are strongly encouraged to send date-sensitive material through Canada Post by registered mail or online via our website. Documents may continue to be faxed to CIPO at 819-953-CIPO (953-2476); however date-sensitive material requiring fee payment that is sent by fax must be accompanied by a VISA, MasterCard, or American Express credit card number, or CIPO deposit account number.

When possible during an emergency, information and search systems will continue to be available on our website; however, services provided through the Client Service Centre and other support areas within CIPO may be temporarily unavailable. Should an emergency occur, CIPO will post information on our Service Interruption page as it becomes available and as circumstances permit.
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