Archived — Agent / Representative for Service Procedures

Publication Date: 1997-05-21

The Trademarks Office would like to formalize its procedures for the handling of Agent and Representative for Service name and address changes. These procedures will apply to both pending and registered trademarks.

One list (database table) will be kept for all agents and representatives for service.

All trademark applications/registrations will be referenced by agent/rep number to the database table referred to above, for the respective agent and/or rep.

All name/address changes for an agent and/or rep will be handled by the Formalities Section.

The agent and/or rep will not be required to supply a list of affected trademarks (registered or pending).

The change will be reflected on all trademark applications and registrations for which the person/ firm acts as agent and/or rep (due to the link between the database table and the trademark data).

The paper files and existing paper documents will not be amended to reflect the change. The next time correspondence is generated the new name/address will appear.

A notice will be maintained near the unofficial paper version of the register and in the Public Search Room indicating that the paper version will not always reflect the latest changes.

Currently, it is possible to obtain photocopies or certified copies from the copy unit of the Trademarks Office. All such copies are produced from the electronic version of the register. Facilities will soon be made available for the public to have direct access to the electronic version of the register and to print copies of the register pages from the electronic version of the register.

Note: If you wish to have an individual/ firm entered as the agent and the representative for service, it should be clearly stated in the correspondence.

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