Electronic Register

Publication Date: 1997-05-21

Paragraph 26(1)(a) of the Trade-marks Act provides that "there shall be kept under the supervision of the Registrar a register of trademarks and of transfers, disclaimers, amendments, judgments and orders relating to each registered trademark…".

Effective immediately, the official version of this register is the one kept by the Registrar in electronic form. The version of the Register that is kept in paper form is not the official version but will remain available for consultation by members of the public. It should be noted, however, that although the paper version generally reflects the contents of the electronic version it will not always reflect the latest changes thereto.

Currently, it is possible to obtain photocopies or certified copies from the copy unit of the Trademarks Office. All such copies are produced from the electronic version of the register. Facilities will soon be made available for the public to have direct access to the electronic version of the register and to print copies of the register pages from the electronic version of the register.

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