Archived — Amendments Applied by Trademarks Assignment Section

Publication Date: 1995-03-15

Trademarks Assignment Section is now handling most amendments to requests by telephone with the exception of some amendments affecting representative for service in Canada and associated marks for assignments where written authorization is required. The guidelines below apply to the following transactions except where noted:

  • Assignment requests
  • Changes to representative for service
  • Renewal requests
  • Address changes

Amendments under section 41 of the Trade-marks Act

  • Items which will be resolved by telephone without the necessity of written confirmation
    • Incomplete or missing addresses.
    • Corrections to covering letters or attached schedules. (Note: corrections will not be made to an original assignment document)
  • The following amendments must be authorized in writing following a telephone conversation
    • Missing representative for service in Canada (if foreign application/registration).
    • Missing or incorrect associated marks on covering letter or schedule (note that amendments to assignment requests affecting associated marks require written authorization from the registered owner or pending applicant).
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