Compliance with Paragraph 30(a) — Containers

Publication Date: 1999-09-01

The goods "containers for household or kitchen use", "containers, not of metal for commercial use" and "all purpose portable household containers" are no longer considered sufficiently specific to satisfy para-graph 30(a) of the Trade-marks Act which requires an application for the registration of a trademark to contain a statement in ordinary commercial terms of the specific goods or services in association with which the mark has been or is proposed to be used.

Therefore, effective immediately, the Trademarks Office will, for the purposes of paragraph 30(a), require these goods to be specified in greater detail, where possible. The ordinary commercial term is to be used. By way of example, the following would be considered acceptable: laundry baskets; garbage cans; toothbrush holders; umbrella stands; photograph storage boxes; corrugated boxes; plastic storage containers. This requirement applies to applications presently pending as well as those filed in the future.

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