Compliance with Paragraph 30(h) — Marks in a Special Form

Publication Date: 1999-03-10

In applying the provisions of paragraph 30(h) of the Trade-marks Act, the Office will no longer consider marks to be depicted in a special form, only because they consist of a word or words composed of upper and lower case letters. Therefore, effective immediately, a drawing will no longer be required for these types of marks.

Further, as indicated in the Practice Notice published in the Trademarks Journal on December 30, 1992, the Trademarks Office does not consider that an application for the registration of a word or words is depicted in a special form only because it includes French or English punctuation. The French or English punctuation marks recognized are the following:

the period (.), the question mark (?), the exclamation mark (!), the comma (,), the semicolon (;), the colon (:), the ellipsis (…), parentheses ( ), brackets [ ], quotation marks (« »), single quotation marks ( ' '), inverted commas ( ' '), the dash (-), the asterisk (*), the diagonal (/ \), and the underscore ( _ ).

Note: Marks which include French accents will continue to be considered as word marks.

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