Archived Practice Notices

These practice notices are no longer in effect.

Date Notice
1997-05-21 Agent / Representative for Service Procedures
1995-03-15 Amendments Applied by Trademarks Assignment Section
1987-04-08 Cancellation
2002-04-10 Certificates of Correction
1974-09-18 Certification Marks
1983-12-21 Changes Related to Section 45 Procedures
1983-12-21 Changes Related to Transfers and Amendments
2006-08-09 Compliance with Paragraph 30(a) — Wine and beer
1987-04-08 Declaration of Use
1982-10-27 Disclaimer Practice: Section 34
1977-06-30 Distinguishing Guise
2001-03-07 Entitlement - Confusing Marks
1981-02-04 Errors Requiring Readvertisement and Erratums
1975-07-30 Evidence Required Pursuant to Subsections 30(2) and 31(1) of the Trade-marks Act
1975-03-05 Extensions of Time for Response to Examiners' Reports
1998-07-15 Extensions of Time in Examination
1987-11-11 Extensions of Time Re: Payment of the Registration Fee
1981-09-09 Extensions of Time Re: Section 39(2)
2005-10-26 Limited Partnerships Can Be Entered on the Register of Agents and on the List of Trademark Agents
2003-04-23 Payment of Fees
2000-06-07 Priority Claims - Requirements for Country, Date and Number
1996-08-19 Procedure Before the Trademarks Opposition Board
2007-09-26 Procedure before the Trademarks Opposition Board as of October 1, 2007
2007-06-13 Professional Designations and their initials — Paragraph 12(1)(b) of the Trade-marks Act
2006-02-01 Public Authority Status under Sub-paragraph 9(1)(n)(iii)
2009-10-06 Reformatted and Revised Wares and Services Manual
1982-11-03 Representative for Service
2006-11-08 Review of Statement of Opposition
2005-12-21 Section 45 Proceedings
1996-03-20 Section 45 Proceedings
1995-03-15 Section 45 Proceedings Rules of Practice Effective April 1st, 1995
2007-06-13 Service in Opposition Proceedings
2003-03-09 Vienna Classification
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