Archived — Practice Notice - Extensions of Time for Response to Examiners' Reports, Publication Date: 1975-03-05

Extensions of Time for Response to Examiners' Reports

Publication Date: 1975-03-05

The Registrar is endeavoring to reduce the number of office actions and responses in the course of the prosecution at applications as well as the number of extensions of time granted for response to an examiner's report.

It has been the practice of the Trade Marks Office for a number of years to permit the applicant a period of six months in which to respond properly to an examiner's report. The Office will continue to follow that practice. However, extensions of time beyond the six month period will be granted only if the request for extended time discloses circumstances that satisfy the Registrar that the extension is justified. Where, in the Registrar's opinion, an extension of time is not justified, the application may in appropriate circumstances be refused under subsection 36(1) of the Trade Marks Act without recourse to section 35 of the Act.

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