Notice of Decision of the Commissioner of Patents Concerning a Patent Agent

Pursuant to section 16 of the Patent Act, the Commissioner of Patents decided, on September 12, 2003, to refuse to recognize Mr. Harold A. Saffrey as a patent agent. Notice of this Decision is published in the Canadian Patent Office Record in accordance with the requirements of section 18 of the Patent Rules.

Attention is drawn to section 19 of the Patent Rules which stipulates:

"19. (1) When the Commissioner makes a decision pursuant to section 16 of the Act that a person be refused recognition as a patent agent, any correspondence respecting an application sent by the Commissioner or by the Patent Office to that person within the six-month period preceding the date of the Decision and to which no reply has been made by that date is deemed not to have been sent to the applicant.

(2) An application filed by a person who has been refused recognition as a patent agent by the Commissioner or an application that included an appointment of such a person as patent agent shall be treated by the Commissioner as an application filed by the applicant or by the patent agent who appointed the associate patent agent."

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