Archived — Patent Notices - Notice to Destroy Some Existing Temporary Paper Files

September 17, 2001

In March 2000, notice was given that the Patent Office had stopped creating a temporary paper file, for patent applications received as of April 2000, (starting with application number 2,300,000). These applications were being fully captured into the TechSource Patent Automated System.

The Patent Office is now starting to destroy the existing temporary paper files for applications between numbers 2,198,508 and 2,299,999; therefore these files are no longer available. The complete record for these applications is TechSource.

At a later date, the Patent Office will destroy the existing temporary paper files for applications with numbers before 2,198,508, that have been fully captured on TechSource. For these files, the Patent Office has stopped placing incoming correspondence, after it has been captured into TechSource and quality checked. The Patent Office had already stopped placing out going correspondence on these applications which have been incomplete since June 1999.

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