Canadian Trademarks Database Tutorial

    Lesson 3: Refining Searches

    If you've searched for a term and the Database has returned hundreds of results, you will want to refine your search so that you can find the "needle in the haystack." In this section we will cover the following:

    Using "Search field" options

    You can search in specific fields by using the "Select a search field" drop-down menu.
    drop-down menu of Select search field

    Select the option by which you wish to search.
    Options available for search fields

    Use the fields for the following reasons:

    Searchable fields

    Trademark Lookup (Default)
    To search by all of the following fields: Trademark, trademark description, foreign character translation and index headings
    Application Number
    To search by the application number
    Registration Number
    To search by the registration number
    Current Owner Name
    To search by the current owner's name
    Old Owner Name
    To search by an old owner's name
    Old and Current Owner Name
    To search by all owners
    To search by words, numerals or letters in the trademark
    Trademark Description
    To search by a description of the trademark
    Foreign Character Translation/Transliteration
    To search trademarks containing foreign characters
    Index Heading
    To search by trademark word component
    To search by product(s) (goods) associated with a trademark
    To search by service(s) associated with a trademark
    Goods and Services
    To search by both product(s) (goods) and service(s)
    To search by a portion of a trademark that is disclaimed
    Vienna Codes
    To search by the design of a trademark according to its Vienna code number
    Vienna Codes Description
    To search by the description of a trademark's design elements

    See the "Searchable Fields" section of the Database's Help file for detailed explanations of each search field option.

    Searching with Multiple Criteria using Advanced Search

    If you need to conduct a search that requires you to combine multiple search criteria, you need to use the Advanced Search feature of the Canadian Trademarks Database.  You will notice that there are five possible search boxes on the Advanced search page. To refine a search, you can combine up to five different criteria when performing a single search.

    An "operator" is used to tell the search engine how to combine the different criteria. There are three types of operators: "AND,” “OR,” and “BUT NOT."

    Searches 2 to 5 have an option to select an "operator."

    Operators for different criteria

    When entering multiple search criteria, select an operator based on the result you need:

    Both search criteria will be included (e.g., "red AND apple" will locate documents containing both these words)
    At least one of the search criteria will be included. (e.g., "red OR apple" will locate all documents containing at least one of these words)
    Excludes words or phrases (e.g., "red BUT NOT apple" will locate documents that contain the word "red" but will exclude all documents containing the word "apple")

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