Canadian Trademarks Database Tutorial

    Lesson 5: Design Searches on the Advanced Search page

    The Canadian Trademarks Database can also be searched by the graphic elements of the trademark design (often referred to as a "logo" or "symbol"). In this tutorial the "symbol"/"logo" will be referred to as the "design" so as to maintain consistency with the terminology of the Canadian Trademarks Database. In this lesson you will learn the following:

    Vienna Codes

    An internationally-accepted standard has been developed to classify the design of trademarks where each graphic element in a trademark design is assigned a numerical code. This standard is referred to as a "Vienna Code Classification."

    Click on the "Vienna Codes" button to access Vienna Codes search options.
    Add Vienna Codes

    Organization of Vienna Codes

    Vienna Codes are organized into groups and sub-groups by the type of graphic element that each group represents. They are grouped into four levels:

    • Category
    • Division
    • Section
    • Auxiliary

    Here is an example of how it works:

    Let's say you have a trademark that consists of three stars:

    Vienna Codes and three star trademark

    Category 1
    Division 1.1
    Section 1.1.1
    Auxiliary A 1.1.4
    Three stars

    Search by design using Vienna Codes

    Select a description, such as three stars, by choosing it from the Vienna Code lists.

    Expand each level by clicking on the red arrows.

    Now you can make a selection by checking a box and then performing a search.
    Example of search with Vienna Codes

    To locate trademarks with a number of design criteria, you will need to perform searches on multiple Vienna Codes.

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