Canadian Trademarks Database Tutorial

Lesson 6: Search examples using the Advanced Search

We will now look at three examples to see some searches in progress:

Example 1: Searching availability of potential trademarks


You operate a telecommunications business and want to register a new trademark that begins with the word "tele."

  1. Type the word "tele" followed by an asterisk (*). Then click on "Search."

    Search the word tele followed by asterisk

  2. Take a look at the results and compare them to the trademark you have in mind.

    Results page

Example 2: Searching for competitive information


You operate a business that offers geographical data products and services via the Internet. Before registering a trademark, you need to learn what types of trademarks your competition has been using.

You will search your sector by selecting the "Goods and Services" option from the drop-down menu and searching on the following terms: "geograph*," "data," "Internet."

  1. Enter the term "geograph*" into Search 1.

    Select the "Goods and Services" option

    Search goods and services

  2. Enter the term "data" into Search 2.

    Enter the term "internet" into Search 3.

    Select the "Goods and Services" option for both.

    Search goods and services

Click the "Search" button and your results will be displayed.

Example 3: Searching by design


You operate an apple pie stand. You want a logo with an apple and a triangle. Prior to completing your logo design, you want to see if a similar trademark design has been filed or is registered.

To perform this search, you will need to locate the respective Vienna Code(s).

  1. Click on the "Vienna Codes" button at the bottom of the page.

    Add Vienna Codes

    You will see the following screen:

    Vienna Codes main page

  2. Locate the Vienna Code for an apple: 5.7.23 and check the box (category 5, division 5.7, section 5.7.13 and select auxiliary 5.7.23).

    Select Apple as a fruit

  3. Next, locate the Vienna Code for a triangle: 26.3.1 and check the box (category 26, division 3 and select section 26.3.1).

    Select triangle

  4. Click on the "Back to Search" button if you want to add other search criteria. This will bring you back to the main search page and the Vienna Codes will automatically be added.

    View Vienna codes selected on search main page

    If you do not want to add other search criteria, click the "Search" button.

  5. Alternatively, if you know the Vienna Code you want to search, enter it into the "Search Text" box and select "Vienna Code" from the search field drop-down list.

    Enter manually Vienna codes


You have completed the tutorial and are now ready to perform all sorts of trademark searches. If you require further information on any particular topic, you will find additional help files in the Database.

Go to the Canadian Trademarks Database now.

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