Awareness Resources

Below are links to organizations and content related to intellectual property (IP).


  • Canadian Intellectual Property Office
    CIPO is a Special Operating Agency (SOA) associated with Industry Canada, responsible for the administration and processing of the greater part of intellectual property in Canada.

    • IP Bank of Speakers Initiative
      The IP Bank of Speakers provides access to more than 200 IP professionals who are ready to deliver an informative presentation emphasizing the strategic value and importance of IP.

  • Intellectual Property Institute of Canada
    Association of patent and trademark agents and lawyers concerned with intellectual property issues.


  • American Conference Institute - Intellectual Property
    This site provides business intelligence for senior decision-makers, as well as information on upcoming conferences.

  • Federal Judicial Center
    Under Educational Programs and Materials
    An Introduction to the Patent System (video).
    A 17-minute video for jurors in patent trials with information intended to help jurors understand what patents are, why they are needed, how inventors get them, etc. Look up the title in the inventory of publications and videos.

  • International Intellectual Property Institute (IIPI)
    A not-for-profit corporation located in Washington, DC, dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of the use of intellectual property as a tool for economic growth, particularly in developing countries.


Asia Pacific Economic Community/Intellectual Property Rights Experts' Group (APEC/IPEG)

  • The Public Education and Awareness (PE&A) Resources section has an international database of products for SMEs that raise awareness and knowledge of IP.

  • IP Hall of Fame
    The IP Hall of Fame honours those who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of intellectual property law and practice, and identifies the individuals who have helped to establish intellectual property as one of the key business assets of the 21st Century.

  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

    • Worldwide Academy
      The academy serves as a centre of excellence in teaching, training and research in IP.

    • Intellectual property in every day life - a virtual tour

      • IP Panorama
        Module 1 Importance of intellectual property for small and medium-sized enterprises
        Module 2 Trademarks and Industrial Designs
        Module 3 Inventions and Patents
        Module 4 Trade Secrets
        Module 5 Copyright and related rights
        Module 6 Patent Information
        Module 7 Technology Licensing in a Strategic Partnership
        Module 8 IP in the Digital Economy
        Module 9 IP and International Trade
        Module 10 IP Audit

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