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Access copyright resources from Canada and around the world to help protect your copyright globally.

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  • Canadian Heritage

    • Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)
      CHIN's mission is to promote the development, the presentation and preservation of Canada's digital heritage content for current and future generations of Canadians.

    • The Copyright Policy Branch, in co-operation with the Intellectual Property Policy Directorate of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, is responsible for formulating and implementing an integrated Canadian copyright policy.

  • Canadian Library Association (CLA) - Copyright Information Centre
    Provides information on Canadian copyright reform, regulations, bills to amend the Copyright Act, selected case law, copyright position statements of the CLA and other library/education associates, etc.

  • Copyright Board of Canada
    The Board is an economic regulatory body empowered to establish, either through mandate or at the request of an interested party, the royalties to be paid for the use of copyrighted works, when the administration of such copyright is entrusted to a collective-administration society.

  • Direction des ressources didactiques (French only)
    Web site with information on the Copyright Act and the educational institutions, on agreements between the ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport du Québec and copyright management firms, and on copyright and the Internet.


  • Australian Copyright Council
    Independent, not-for-profit organization that gives advice, information and training on copyright in Australia.



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